Drinks Served with


Non Alcoholic Drinks

Served On Tap



    Keiths, Keiths Lite, Labatt Blue, Schooner, Budweiser, Bud Lite, Olands, Labatt Lite.

    • $4.61

    A. Guinness Pub Draught, Holsten Premium, Holsten Festbock, Strong Bow,Kilkenny, Magners Cider.

    B. Stella Artois, Corona, Michelob, Bud Lime.


    • A - $6.30 / B - $5.52



    Mikes Cranberry, Mikes Lemonade, Mikes Hard Berry, Smirnoff Ice, Mikes Hard Black Cherry.

    • $5.52



  • Wine


    WHITE: Franklin Maipo Pinot Grigio or Franklin Maipo Chardonnay Chile.

    RED: Franklin Maipo MalbecFranklin or Maipo Cabernet Sauvignon Chile.


    • 5 oz - $5.65 / 8 oz - $9.04

Food Made From the



  • Nachos

    House cut tortillas, layered with cheese, tomato, green pepper, onions, black olives and jalapenos. Served with sour cream and salsa.

    Add chicken, beef, pulled pork or extra cheese for $3.49




    • $15.95 /Personal Size $9.95
  • Stanley Cup Platter

    A Big Leagues legend! Potato boats and nachos with all the trimmings. Topped with chicken wings, fried pepperoni, onion rings, and chicken spring rolls. Served with a variety of dipping sauces.

    • $22.95
  • Potato Boats

    A generous portion of potato boats, lled with cheddar, mozzarella, and crispy bacon, baked golden brown and served with sour cream.

    • $10.25
  • Roasted Artichoke Dip

    Oven roasted garlic and artichokes blended with cream cheese, sour cream and baked golden, served with pita crisps.

    • $9.75
  • Onion Rings

    Basket of golden onion rings.


    • $6.50
  • Three Layer Taco Dip

    Ground beef, salsa, sour cream and cream cheese mixture. Topped with a mixed cheese and green onions. Served with house cut tortilla chips.



    • $10.50
  • Garlic Bread

    Fresh sliced ciabatta bun brushed with garlic butter and baked golden brown.



    • $5.75 Add cheese $3.50
  • Fried Brothers Pepperoni

    Deep fried crispy and served with honey mustard.


    • $8.50
  • Fried Pickles

     A southern classic. Battered and fried.

    • $6.25
  • Chicken Fingers

    Homemade breaded chicken strips, tossed with your choice of mild, medium, hot, honey garlic, barbecue, suicide, or sweet chili sauce.


    • $9.95
  • Wings

    1lb of our famous chicken wings, with your choice of mild, medium, hot, honey garlic, barbecue, chipotle, Cajun spice, sweet ‘n’ sassy, Carolina Gold, St. Louis Original, suicide or sweet chili sauce.


    • 1 lb - $11.95 /2 lb - $22.95 / 3 lb - $32.95
  • Fish Tacos

    Haddock or shrimp in warm our tortillas with pico de gallo, guacamole, cilantro lime sour cream.


    • $9.50
  • Quesadilla

    Sautéed chicken, red onion, mushrooms and cheese, folded in a our tortilla and baked golden brown. Served with sour cream and salsa.

    • $10.95
  • Mozza Sticks

    Battered and fried golden brown. Served with sour cream or house made marinara.

    • $9.75

Gourmet Poutine

Soup & Salad


All sandwiches served with fresh cut fries.

Substitute salad $3.00

Gourmet Burgers

Extra Patty $2.50, Bacon $1.95, Mayo Selections; Curry, Cajun, Original.

Served with Fresh Cut Fries, Potato Croquette or Mashed.





Kids - 12 & Under

  • Meals include fountain pop & ice cream!

    Hot Dog and Fries, Hamburger and Fries, Chicken fingers and Fries, Grilled cheese and Fries,Pogo and Fries, Easy Mac.

    • $5.95



All Day Breakfast


Late Night Fri & Sat - 10pm-1am